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Laith Maalouf a Jordanian designer showed inclination towards art and sketching in his early years which in return gave him a sense of clarity for his career.



His innate desire to express the spirit of art more productively led him to study at ESMOD École Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode. And, photography, as a natural offshoot of the design process came as a gift which he further nurtured with various photography projects .


Laith has worked with international designers like Elie saab and Dany Atrache which opened the doors of world fashion to him.


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His  designs have been worn by several great women in their respective fields,Such as Queen Nour wore an apparel for emirates National Day celebration  ,Samira Said, jaiswalpragya,,Saba, Mubarak ,Rakeen Saad   Nadia Ahmad ,Durra, and so on.!



AS a prêt-a-porter- haute couture designer Laith has lunched Many collections and participated in Fashion shows  in different countries as Paris ,New York  ,Lebanon ,Qatar ,KSA and Jordan

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